At Midtown, our mission is to see people transformed by the Gospel. We want to see lost people become born-again believers. We want to see believers grow up and mature in their faith. We believe that gathering people in small groups for the purpose of discipleship is the most important thing we can do as a church.

Many believers think that just going to Sunday morning worship service is adequate for spiritual growth. We disagree. Jesus doesn’t call us to be church-goers. He calls us to be the church. He calls us to be His disciples and then He calls us to disciple others. He calls us to grow, change, and mature in the context of intentional relationship with other disciples.


We look at how Jesus discipled to find a biblical model for small group ministry. He used Scripture, told stories, and shared his whole life with his disciples. Eventually releasing them into the world to make disciples thus beginning a ministry of multiplication.

Midtown Small Groups work in the same way. We focus on studying the Word, developing relationships with each other, and maturing in our faith until we are ready to make disciples ourselves. Group leaders are trained in a Biblical model of making disciples. As group participants experience spiritual growth, they become ready to make disciples and branch from their group to start a new one. Disciples become disciple-makers, and the ministry of Jesus continues to spread.


Discipleship Training 1 is a 2-day, hands-on training experience exploring the core components of creating a relational discipleship environment. We will be discovering and unpacking what it means to be a disciple – known by Jesus, changed by Jesus, and on mission with Jesus. We will be engaging our intellect, our emotions, and our lives in becoming disciple-makers working alongside Jesus. This training will prepare you to move into Small Group Leadership or Apprenticeship at Midtown. If you would like to find out more, please email groups@midtownfellowship.org