There are many philosophies of mission in the body of Christ, and God works mightily in many ways to make His name known in the world. At Midtown Fellowship, we seek to follow Christ on mission in the world through the working out of our mission statement: “To create a movement of gospel transformation through multiple congregations.”

This statement guides our efforts in specific ways as we seek to serve the world around us:

  1. Gospel Transformation: We believe in the priesthood of the believer (1 Peter 2:9-10), and to encourage and deepen the growth of the priesthood, we believe in the call of Ephesians 4, “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.” What this means is that a large percentage of our budget is intentionally dedicated to equipping our people as ambassadors of Christ (2 Corinthians 5) in order to impact the places where God has specifically called them.
  2. Multiple Congregations (Community): We believe that God has specifically called us to the neighborhoods and communities where we meet. What this means for us as a local, community congregation, is that we want to step into the world around us, not only with finances, but also with our hands and feet as the body of Christ.

Listed below are some of the ways our congregation is serving the world around us, either corporately as the entire body or as individuals.

  • CONGREGATION (places where our entire body, young and old, serve together)…
    • Giving Tree – Each Christmas season we support single moms in Nashville by buying trees and wreaths from Nashville Giving Tree. We also provide much-needed volunteers to this ministry during pick-up weekend – prepping trees, loading, etc. Go to the website to read more!
    • Christmas Blessing Bags – This year, our community raised money and assembled bags of food for 60 children in need at Granbery and Binkley Elementary Schools. Each bag contained enough food to help our young friends thrive during the extended Christmas break. If you’d like to know more about how to participate next year, please EMAIL us.
    • Giving – Read more about why we give and how giving is an act of mission.
    • Kidtown – Kidtown volunteers serve the youngest in our community by sharing the gospel and loving them each week during the service.
    • Wegner Meal train: Provide meals for the Wegners now that Hannah Rose has arrived.
    • Garrido Meal train: Provide meals for the Garrido family now that Colette has arrived.
    • Carney Meal train: Provide meals for the Carney family now that Ava has arrived.
    • Gilbert Meal train: Provide meals for the Gilbert family now that Trey has arrived.
  • FINANCIAL (places where we support those in our congregation that are reaching places we can’t)…
    • Young Life Capernaum – One of our own folks, Suzanne Williams, helps lead this ministry. Young Life Capernaum is an outreach ministry with teenagers and young adults with disabilities. Ultimately, we let forgotten kids know that they are remembered by God. We remind them that they are masterpieces, not accidents. We give excluded kids a place of belonging in the body of Christ. We create a stage where they can surprise the world with all they have to offer and where they can give glory to the God in whose image they have been created. Please e-mail Suzanne if you’d like to hear more.
    • Kelsey Vaughn – RUF International – Kelsey serves at an intern with Reformed University Fellowship at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Support Kelsey’s ministry to international students.
  • INDIVIDUALS (places where individuals or smaller groups are sharing the love of Christ)…
    • Homeless – There are a great number of homeless people living in the shadows of our local area that are ignored by thousands of commuters every day. You’ll discover that the needs are vast. This may be anything from a bus pass, prepaid cellphone minutes, a new coat, tent or sleeping bag, to car maintenance as many homeless folks are living in their vehicle and depend on it for survival. Ask David Swan about his story.
    • World Relief – Nashville is one of the major refugee resettlement cities in the US and has become home for tens of thousands of Burmese, Somali, Kurdish, and Syrian families, among others. Many in our Midtown congregations have worked with World Relief in the past as they serve to support and place these refugee families. Check out for ways you can help – everything from clothing and furniture donations to partnering with a specific refugee family. Ask Jonathan Nash about his story.
    • Servant Group International – As they flee war and difficulty, refugees and immigrants arrive in Nashville from all over the world. A large number are from the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria. To help serve this particularly vulnerable people group Servant Group International runs several volunteer programs to help them adjust, to make friends, and to learn of the hope and love of Christ. There are options for you to serve in after-school tutoring, women’s and men’s English programs, and other various personal needs. If you’d like to know more or to serve with us, visit or email Colleen McGarry