Class Descriptions

Nursery (0-18 months)

Loving babies and crib/crawlers, basic care.

Toddler/Walker (2 Year Olds)

Co-taught class, read story, and do simply craft or activity. View sample lesson.

3-4 year olds:

3-4 year olds is for children who are 3 years old up to 4 years old. In this class, children will hear Bible stories, memorize Scripture, participate in fun activities, and build friendships. View sample lesson.

5 year olds-Kindergarten:

This class is for children who are 5 years old up to attending Kindergarten. In this class, children will hear Bible stories, memorize Scripture, participate in fun activities, and build friendships. View sample lesson.

Elementary 1st-5th grade:

Elementary is for children 1st grade through 5th grade. In the elementary classes, children will read from the Bible, memorize Scripture, learn about the books of the Bible, and build friendships. View sample lesson.

Volunteer Schedule

The volunteer schedule is set up on a rotation. Each of our classes’ rotations are a little different based on the needs of the volunteers and consistency for the kids. Most of the rotations are, 1 week on, 4 to 5 weeks off.

I’m pretty flexible with the schedule. If you find you want to teach/help more or less, just let me know. I try to make the schedule fit the volunteers schedule as much as possible.

View the current volunteer schedule.

On the current schedule, there are some weeks that still need to be filled. They are listed as TBD. If you are available and could fill in on any of those Sundays that would be a big help. If none of the open dates/times work with your schedule I’ll add you to the new rotation in the class you want to help in starting with the next schedule. I can also add you to a last minute call list.

Ready to get started?

Before you serve in Kidtown, I’ll need to know:

  • Which service you would like to help in, 9:00, 11:00 or 5:00?
  • Which age would you prefer to work with?
  • Is there someone you’d like to serve with?

I’ll also need to have you do a background check, fill out a supplemental information form, and read through the volunteer manual before I can put you on the schedule.

Volunteer Background Screening 

Once you reach out about volunteering, you will get an email with a link that will walk you through the process of completing the background check “paperwork” electronically. This new process will bypass the need for you to fill out a hard copy.

Supplemental Information Form

After completing the background check, you will need to fill out the supplemental self-reporting information form that is needed to complete the background check process. We have recently transitioned to a new background check company which doesn’t collect this information for us, so we thank you for your patience in providing the necessary information through a few different channels.

Volunteer Policy Manual

You must also read through the volunteer policy manual before the Sunday you serve. You will be asked to sign a document in which you acknowledge that you have received and read the manual and agree to abide by its policies.

Thank you for your interest in serving in Kidtown. I look forward to hearing from you.

Shelly Walker