Andrew Picha

Andrew has attended Midtown for seven years and is a part of our West Nashville congregation. As a former attendee of Midtown 12 South, he helped launch Midtown West Nashville. Andrew serves as a discipleship group leader and is on the shepherding team. A professional musician, he also serves on the worship team. Andrew is “single (well, dating an incredible girl for a year now!)”.

“Through the elder training process, the Lord has shown me there is great beauty in the organization and structure of the Church while simultaneously a great weight in being called to shepherd the people within it. I am so thankful for the framework our church fathers set and tested through the centuries to give us guidance today!”

Ben Sensing

Ben and his wife, Mary, attend Midtown 12 South (usually the 9am service). They have been at Midtown for seven years and have led a discipleship group since 2017. 

Ben is employed in real estate, and he and Mary have two sons who are also members at Midtown— Benjamin, 21 and Denton, 18.

“I greatly appreciated the time, intentionality, depth and spirit of the training. Everything is coming from one place, a love of Christ and his bride. While sobered about what is required, I am also encouraged by those men with whom I would be serving. It would be a constant reminder that apart from Christ, I can do nothing.”

Grant Luiken

Grant has attended our Midtown East Nashville location since the fall of 2018. At Midtown East, he serves as a discipleship group leader and a Kidtown volunteer.  Grant is employed as a real estate attorney and has been married to Fernanda for ten years. They have two children—Davie, 4 and Juliana, 2. 

“Through the elder  training process, God has given me the opportunity to think through my theological convictions comprehensively with the benefit of guidance from Christian brothers that I trust. It has also helped me to see how those convictions are lived out through the office of elder to serve the Body of Christ in the church.”

John Thompson

John and his wife Angela have attended Midtown 12 South for two years. They are members of a discipleship group and serve on the greeting team on Sunday mornings. John works in major donor development for Global Media Outreach, an international digital evangelism ministry based in Dallas. 

John and Angela have two adult children, Clark and Camille. 

“God has used the elder training to reinforce my convictions of the truths in his word and of the privileges and responsibilities of serving and caring for his local church.”

Russell Anderson

Russell has been attending Midtown since 2003, and is a part of Midtown East Nashville. He and his wife Lindsay have two boys, Oliver (8) and Spence (6). Russell is a Software Engineering Manager at D2iQ, lnc.

Russell is a discipleship group coach and a Kidtown volunteer. He’s also  served as a discipleship group leader, men’s ministry leader, and mission trip leader (back in the day).

“The elder training process has illuminated the unique privilege it is to walk alongside others in their faith. It’s made me thankful for those that have walked with me and inspired me even further to invest in the community God has given me.”

Scott Smith

Scott and his wife, Laurie, have attended Midtown 12 South for a little over five years, where they serve as co-leaders of a discipleship group. They have four children (Caroline, 28, Casey, 25, Coleman, 23 and Caelynne, 11, and one grandchild (Elijah, 6 months).

Scott is the founder and president of Enable Resource Group, an information technology services business. 

“The elder training process has prepared me by further strengthening my understanding of Scripture and the historic doctrines of our faith.  It has also helped me better understand the needs of the people of Midtown and how Midtown elders are called and organized to shepherd and love people well.”