Weddings & Baptisms


If you want a pastor from Midtown Fellowship to officiate your wedding, complete and submit the wedding request form.

After you fill out the wedding request form, the pastor will check his calendar for availability. If the pastor is available, you and your fiancé will need to come in to meet with the pastor.

Want to get married at Midtown?

We are now renting the 12 South and Granny White Sanctuary spaces for weddings.  Get more details about getting married at Midtown!

Infant Baptisms

  1. Place Membership
    At Midtown the vows we ask you to take during an infant baptism are very similar to those you would take when placing membership. So, we ask that anyone wanting to have their child baptized place membership first. If you would like to place membership, register for Explore Midtown.
  2. Request a Baptism.
    You can fill out the baptism request form. If you have a date you would like to request, please put that on the form.

Please email the Midtown office if you have any other questions about the baptism process!

If you want to know more about why we do infant baptism, you can pick up a copy of Why We Baptize Infants on a Sunday morning from the Welcome Table or at our office (2415 12th Ave S) during the week (Monday-Friday from 9-4).