Join us for Easter

This week, the podcast from our pastors will have added elements of worship and congregational prayer. We would love for you to gather with your family, friends or small group. (Virtually, of course!) We would love for Midtowners across the city to gather at 10am, if you are able. The podcast will be available at any time if 10am doesn’t work for you. Group leaders will be in touch to find a time for your group to gather on Easter Sunday.

If you’d like to join a group, please choose your congregation to find a group.

How to Participate

Gather with Your Group

Group leaders will be in touch to find a time for your group to gather on Easter Sunday.

Join a Group

We have groups available for you to join for Easter.  You can join just for Easter but our hope is that you’ll find the group as a place to connect with other Midtowners. Learn more about

Join a 12 South Group

Join a Crieve Hall Group

Join an East Nashville Group

Join a Granny White Group

Listen to the Podcast

You can listen to the Easter podcast right here on our website or on major podcast services.

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Who We Are

Who is Midtown Fellowship?

It’s simple. We want to be a movement that actually witnesses people being transformed by the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are called to the carry out that mission by planting many different congregations throughout the city of Nashville and beyond.

Midtown Fellowship is one church that is made up of multiple congregations.  Right now, we have four congregations in unique parts of the city – 12 South, Crieve Hall, East Nashville and Granny White. Each of these congregations has its own dedicated staff, but all of our staff works together toward a single vision.  Our hope is that each campus would serve to create an intimate venue for people to hear the gospel, build Christ-centered community and grow in maturity.

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Randy Draughon - October 24, 2021

Rebuilding with God's vision will change your perspectives (of the past)

Nehemiah: Come, Let Us Rebuild

Nehemiah 8:1-18

From Series: "Nehemiah: Come, Let Us Rebuild"

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