Midtown is on a Mission!

Creating a movement of gospel transformation through multiple congregations.

God is doing amazing things at Midtown. He loves using his amazing people, the church, to do those amazing things! He has given each of us gifts and roles through which he works to build his church and allow the gospel to transform not only our hearts, but also our communities. One of those roles is the role of elder.

What is a Session?

The session is the ruling body of elders ordained to the tasks of oversight and shepherding.

  • Oversight means they have a fiduciary responsibility on behalf of the congregation to ensure accountability of the staff to implement Midtown’s mission and values, as well as to provide appropriate financial controls and accountability.
  • Shepherding means they minister alongside the Midtown pastors to provide for the spiritual care and nurture of our multi-congregations.

Some of the particular roles and duties of the session include serving on various committees and teams; attending monthly session meetings; conducting membership interviews; teaching; and pastoral care.

How does someone become an elder at Midtown?

When the time is appropriate, the current session of Midtown invites members of our community to nominate men for the office of elder. When considering possible nominations you should consider the following qualifications:

  1. He should have a good reputation inside the community of Midtown as well as outside our church. His life should reflect a deep walk with the Lord in both word and deed.
  2. He should be a man whose life is marked by time with our Savior through humility, gentleness, hospitality, dignity, uprightness, prayer and a love for God’s word.
  3. He should be a man who exhibits strength of character in his home, with his emotions, in his words, appetites and possessions.
  4. He should have a calling on his life to be a servant leader through the role of Elder.

Once the nominations are submitted, the session meets with each man to examine his life, gifts and calling. If all is in order, the session invites the candidates to go through officer training. The training can take up to a year, as each candidate is discipled in theology, character, and servant leadership. At the end of this training, a congregational meeting is called for the purpose of elections, where a majority vote for an individual allows him to be installed as a ruling elder.

What should you do?

  1. Take some time to pray about the men at Midtown that you believe have the gifts and calling of being an elder. (See 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1 :6-9)
  2. Talk to them to see if they are willing to allow their name to be nominated.
  3. Elder nominations closed on Sunday, January 16.