Job Description

Job Status:

Part Time (20 hrs/week)

Job Summary:

The Midtown West Kidtown Director works in partnership with the congregation’s leadership to develop and
implement a children’s ministry that is Gospel-centered and ministers to both children and families of
Midtown West. The Kidtown Director is principally responsible for the strategic planning, coordination,
and leadership of the Kidtown ministry and developing the relational environment of families through
engagement in the community of Midtown West.

Leading and equipping a team of volunteers to serve on a regular, ongoing basis is a critical element of
this role.

Functions & Responsibilities:

  1. Create & Lead the Kidtown Ministry at Midtown West
    • Develop interdependence with congregational leadership and key volunteers in continual
      development and growth of Midtown West Kidtown
    • Manage the resources available to Kidtown: define needs, make purchases, maintain
      resources, etc
    • Sets and maintains work schedule and time management based on job responsibilities
    • With the help of congregational leadership, find & implement a curriculum for Kidtown
    • Plan and prepare curriculum implementation weekly, and lead Kidtown on Sunday mornings
    • Plan and execute Kidtown events that support the congregational ministry plan.
    • Develop and implement safety policies and procedures
  2.  Develop the Structure for Identifying, Recruiting, & Mobilizing Kidtown Volunteers
    • Create an organizational volunteer structure required to create a safe and loving Kidtown
      environment each week
    • Is actively and intentionally developing volunteers to catch the vision of Kidtown and
      consistent leadership in ministering to children and families
    • Recruit, train, and mobilize volunteers & paid assistants (if applicable) for Midtown West
    • Develop & maintain Kidtown Volunteer handbook
    • Pray with, recast vision, and encourage Kidtown volunteers weekly before Kidtown
  3.  Team and Relationship Building
    • Recruits, assembles, and builds teams to assist and support the Kidtown ministry
    • Networks and relationally engages new families and parents on Sundays
    • Manage ongoing communication with Kidtown families, volunteers, and congregation
    • Regularly share stories of celebration from the Kidtown ministry with the congregation
  4.  Additional Expectations
    • Co-labors with congregational leadership to create a Kidtown ministry that aligns with the
      vision & values of the congregation
    • Collaborates with other Midtown Kidtown directors to learn best practices & problem-solve
    • Attends weekly Midtown West weekly staff meetings
    • Meets weekly with the Midtown West Pastor for planning and development
    • Reports to the Executive Pastor as it relates to objectives, logistical and administrative
      aspects of the role
    • Participates in the life and community of Midtown Fellowship as a member of the church

Education, Skills, and Experience

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Experience leading teams and working with families
  • An active and committed Christian faith with beliefs and lifestyle consistent with the
    doctrine of the PCA
  • Strong gifting in leadership and building relationships
  • Additional skills and experience:
    o Leads teams with authority and good humor
    o Embraces challenges with creativity, experimenting with and evaluating novel solutions
    o Prioritizes competing tasks/projects and manages time well
    o Delegates willingly and develops others
  • Personal Characteristics:
    o Hungry for growth in relationship with Christ
    o Humble leader who is open to feedback and loves to learn
    o Embraces change as opportunity for positive growth, for self and organization
    o Enthusiastic about opportunity to work in ministry
    o Approaches daily work as a calling



Additional Kidtown and Role Information

Philosophies (Non-Negotiables / Why)

Kidtown Mission Statement: Kidtown is a gospel-centered, faith-forming ministry who partners with families to disciple children (birth-fifth grade) to be lifelong followers of Jesus.


We desire that every child who comes through our doors will leave knowing they are loved and known by Jesus. We are all children of God before we are anything else. It is our first identity.


We believe that the children at Midtown Fellowship Church play a vital role in our church community.


We are planting seeds of truth from the Word of God in the hearts of the next generation.


We are creating a lifelong desire for children wanting to come to church. Creating a safe place with hands-on experiences where children can bring their whole selves.

Principles (Competencies / What) Sunday Morning Leadership
  • Creating age-appropriate curriculum, crafts or creative response, and worship Volunteer Recruitment and Maintaining
  • Effectively recruits volunteers yearly and trains them for Sunday service
Team and Relationship Building
  • Recruits, assembles, and builds teams to assist and support the Kidtown ministry.
  • Networking and meeting new families and parents on Sunday mornings.
Leader Development

Is actively and intentionally developing volunteers to catch the vision of Kidtown and consistent leadership

Work Management

Sets and maintains consistent work schedule and time management based on job responsibilities and OGSMs

Skill Set

Sunday Morning Leadership

  • Upfront engagement on a Sunday morning when applicable. Ability to communicate to congregants by casting the Kidtown vision for recruiting volunteers and engaging families.
  • Manage the fast-paced environment of morning check-in by greeting families and resolving tech issues
  • Checking in and greeting new families and being the first face of the church for new families
  • Has all materials ready and set for Sunday and has prepped volunteers ahead of time with the plan for the morning (email sent out earlier in the week)
  • Provides a worship opportunity for children. They can join adults in the service or work with your campus worship leader to put together separate worship for the children as space allows.
  • The curriculum aligns with the vision of Kidtown and provides a hands-on component when applicable. (games, crafts, etc. )
  • Able to self-assess and gather feedback from the community while also maintaining and upholding the vision of the ministry.

Volunteer Recruitment and Maintaining

  • Creates a vision and plans for, and executes a team of volunteers
  • Recruits through upfront announcements clearly stating the vision, expectations and ask
  • Schedule volunteers 3 months in advance as best they can to ensure that rooms are fully staffed for a Sunday 

Team and Relationship Building

  • Builds teams of volunteers that are a core group of Kidtown Sunday morning faces
  • Establish a team of Kidtown coordinators that serve on a Sunday morning
  • Train your team to be available to run Kidtown efficiently and smoothly in your absence
  • Sunday morning classroom engagement with volunteers 

Leader Development

  • Identify and actively develop potential classroom leads in teaching classrooms (3-year-olds and up)
  • Develop Kidtown Coordinators to help be the face of the ministry through the check-in process, classroom management, and teaching

Work Management

  • Has a clear vision for the Kidtown ministry and communicates and leads our volunteers and congregation in that mission and vision
  • Assembles and Maintains volunteer schedule
  • Works towards OGSMs set for the year (are you engaging your Kidtown director on OGSM)
  • Adheres to the agreed-upon work schedule 

Spiritual Growth

  • Attends bi-weekly All Staff meetings for communion and message
  • Attends a service at least once a month when possible
  • Finding a day during the week to spend time in Sabbath