Job Description

Job Status:

Part-Time – 10 Hours/week


Labors under direct supervision of Crieve Hall Pastor, with professional assistance from Crieve Hall Executive Director

Scope and Description:

  • To disciple the covenant children of the congregation ages infant through PreK
  • To be an avenue for outreach to attending children’s families.
  • To lead the body in seeing their vital role and responsibility in the covenant family that results in volunteer service, accountability and guidance to these children.

Specific Attitudes and Requirements:

  • Be a committed growing Christian who is aiming toward loving others by grace and who desires to grow in a lifestyle of repentance and faith.
  • Must be a self-starter and a visionary
  • Must have gifts in the area of shepherding, leadership and creative arts
  • Should be able to deal effectively with volunteers, staff and leadership.
  • Team player
  • Able to seek direction, confront and apologize. Should not normally hide mistakes or problems and should be willing to face difficulties and conflict with humility.
  • Heart for the Kidtown ministry and understands children
  • Relationship-builder
  • Detail oriented
  • Excellent communication skills with parents, staff, session and children
  • Holds to, understands and can teach covenant theology, reformed theology.


  • Develop and manage the budget for this ministry area
  • Ordering and maintaining supplies and materials for KidCare and KidChurch PreK
  • Researching and/or writing a KidChurch PreK curriculum made of individual lessons that correspond with the mission and beliefs of Midtown Fellowship
  • Prepping supplies and materials for KidCare and KidChurch PreK on a weekly basis – craft, game, snacks, etc.
  • Recruiting volunteers to lead KidCare and KidChurch PreK (approx. 13 people per week)
  • Setting up and prepping for KidCare and KidChurch PreK on Sunday mornings. Checking in with volunteers and ensuring they are supported and prepared
  • Oversee the check-in / check-out process on Sunday mornings
  • Encouraging and supporting KidCare and KidChurch PreK volunteers
  • Regular meetings with Midtown staff to align on Kidtown and church-wide mission, vision, programs, and initiatives
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures and develop/train for emergency procedures
  • Communication to staff, body and volunteers concerning policy, procedures, curriculum, expectations of parents, etc.