Haley Walker

Haley Walker has spent years photographing weddings and families, learning the art of storytelling and cultivating an ability to recognize and capture joy. She has also traveled extensively working with nonprofits to help them tell their stories, through both words and photos. Her heart is to share the innate value in people, to remind them of their worth, and to celebrate their gifts. She looks for the in-between, easily missed moments and emotions and does her best to capture those. Haley hopes that her photos will both invite others to recognize beauty and call them to action.

Haley has attended Midtown since she moved back to Nashville in 2014, and has been overwhelmed by the rich friendships she’s found in the Midtown community. The image used for the Meeting Jesus series was taken in Thailand in 2016, while working alongside an organization who serves families living in a large waste disposal area. The image, like the Holy Spirit’s call in Luke, evokes a sense of freedom and courage to proclaim goodness, amidst even the most difficult, unexpected circumstances. You can find more of her work on her website (haleygeorge.com) or instagram (@haleygeorge).

Sarah Hart Landolt

Sarah Hart Landolt is an abstract, fluid ink 2D artist who specializes in painting emotions based on data. She engages the public and collects their data of which colors and shapes they associate with an emotion and where they feel in their body. She curiously seeks to externalize our inner landscapes and investigate where there is consensus and diversity in how we experience emotion. 

A Nashville native, Sarah moved back to her hometown in 2018 and started attending Midtown with her family, who have been a part of the church since its beginning. The acrylic ink piece featured for the sermon series Maturing in the Mystery of Grace was one of the first paintings she created in 2016 with her now-signature style and medium of acrylic ink and pen on yupo paper. You can find her work on Instagram and her website.

Matthew Walden

Matthew Walden has been an illustrator of some stripe since he could pick up a pencil or crayon. Professionally he has designed mobile, web and VR apps, logos and icons, identity materials, and books and illustrated comic books, storyboards, and conceptual art for games and screenplays. He works in various types of media, physical and digital. His tools of choice are graphite, BIC Cristal ballpoint pens and watercolours. Common themes of his work include the struggles and depravity of the human condition in contrast to the sublimity of Jesus, and the nature of redemption, life, and love known in Him. (This often includes monsters and robots.)

The portrait for The Women of Advent primarily shows the illumination of the individual by the light of Christ. The darkness of sin and the pains of the world, penitence and hopeful expectation, and the joyful truth of “God-with-us” are represented in the colors and contrasts of the work. 

Matthew has attended services at Midtown since 2008. In his years here, he has been blessed as God has used various congregations and individuals in the Midtown family to be Jesus in his life. For further information about Matthew or his work, you can contact him through his email address.