NOTE: This video was shot in the fall of 2020, in anticipation of a pastoral search beginning before the end of that year. We know now that God had other plans. Some references may be out of date, but our message is the same.

Latest Update

August 2

  • In an effort to keep you in the loop as promised, our prayer and advisory team is encouraged about where we are at in the search process. The team has narrowed down our candidate selections and are now focusing our attention and energies on a particular candidate who has great potential to flourish in this call and role! Please continue to pray for us as the Lord leads in this process.

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Prayer & Advisory Team

The team will be led by Elders Chris Davis and John Markham and includes Cami Ott, Kara Gause, Lauren Tuck, Jen Colquitt, Georgia Ferrell, and Jeremy Holley.

Please email to send your questions/comments/feedback to the team

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does this mean for the Granny White congregation?

    In the coming months Randy, the Granny White elders, and the prayer and advisory team (consisting of representatives of Granny White) will work to find a dedicated full-time pastor for the Granny White congregation. They will be working with McGowan Global Institute ( to conduct a nationwide search based on Midtown Granny White’s culture and needs for the future to fill the role. McGowan is already working behind the scenes to collect and screen candidates, but this will now transition into a public, global search. In the interim, Randy will be serving Granny White as he always has. Once a new pastor is found, there will be an extended transition period to ensure a smooth handoff of responsibilities. The Granny White congregation can expect regular updates as we go through this process.

  • What does this mean for the Midtown movement?

    After the new pastor for Granny White has been hired and onboarded, all of the Midtown congregations will benefit from Randy’s leadership in our mission of “gospel transformation through multiple congregations” as we impact Nashville. Randy will be able to dedicate his full time and energy partnering with each pastor to lead his congregation in continued maturation of the church body and evangelism.

  • Why did we decide to make this move now?

    The plan to transition Randy to this new role and find a lead pastor for Granny White was approved by the Midtown Session in 2019, but has been delayed until now because COVID hit just weeks before we originally planned to announce the search. Randy has already been operating in both this new role and as lead pastor at Granny White for years.

    More recently, with new congregations launching (like West Nashville) and ones preparing for launch (like Napier) and with the restructure of the Midtown organization, more work has been put on Randy’s plate. For Midtown to realize its vision of transformation in Nashville, this is a critical step and we believe that now is the proper time to make the move.

  • Will Randy be preaching anymore?

    Yes. After a pastor is found and hired, there will be a transition period where both Randy and the new pastor will be sharing the pulpit on a rotational basis. Once there is a complete transition to the new pastor at Granny White, Randy plans to preach on a rotating schedule at each campus.

  • How will Randy spend his time in the new position?

    Randy will be working closely with all of Midtown’s elders, pastors and staff to discern God’s will for Midtown in the kingdom movement and to develop the vision and plans of each congregation to bring the gospel to every part of Nashville.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a step toward Randy retiring?

    No, it is just the opposite! This will be a new and challenging opportunity for Randy and the Midtown Fellowship movement—Randy is incredibly excited for what the future holds and is energized to begin the work.

  • Why are we using an outside search firm for hiring a pastor for Granny White?

    The lead pastor at Granny White is a vital job, both for meeting the pastoral needs at Granny White and for contributing to further growth and maturation of the Midtown movement. We are looking for a man with proven experience leading a congregation and elder team. McGowan Global Institute is a world-wide recognized specialist on these types of searches with hundreds of successful placements. Our McGowan team understands our culture and the unique position for Granny White and we feel fortunate to have them as partners in this search.

  • What are some of the qualifications we are looking for in the new pastor?

    We are looking for a man who can build on the great foundation that Randy and the elders have established for Granny White. He will need to be a strong teacher and evangelist, be able to work with the elders to provide pastoral care for the growing Granny White congregation, be a strong proponent for our discipleship ministry, work well on the Granny White team, and continue to develop the Granny White community. It’s also important that the new person brings new skills to this position so we can continue to grow from his accomplishments and experiences.

  • What if I know of a pastor who might be interested in the position? What if I have a candidate to recommend?

    Please direct candidates to the McGowan Global website to learn more about the opportunity and apply.

  • How long will this search process take?

    There is no specific timeline/deadline for this search. The focus will be getting the right person for Midtown and for Granny White. The first round of potential candidates will be presented to the elders and prayer and advisory team in the next few weeks. It could be just a few months or could extend well into the year. We will be regularly updating the Granny White congregation as the search progresses.

  • What role will Granny White elders be playing in the process?

    As the shepherds and leaders of the congregation, the Granny White elders will be actively involved throughout the search process and will be spending time and screening the top candidate(s). The elders will have final vetting and hiring authority for the new pastor.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the congregation at Granny White be involved? How can we help?

    Please be praying for the search process and that God blesses us with finding the right man. We will be regularly updating progress on the search and sharing prayer needs in the coming months. We have identified a group of Granny White members to be on a prayer and advisory team to assist us in the search process. They will be led by elders Chris Davis and John Markham in regular prayer and will offer assistance and input as we go through the process.

  • Who is on the prayer and advisory team? What is their role?

    The team will be led by elders Chris Davis and John Markham and includes Cami Ott, Kara Gause, Lauren Tuck, Jen Colquitt, Georgia Ferrell and Jeremy Holley.

    Their role will include:

    • Participating in monthly prayer meeting and update briefings during the search
    • Providing daily prayer support during their quiet times
    • Serving as representatives of the Granny White congregation to answer (or redirect) questions regarding the search process
    • Share insights on the general concerns/needs in the congregation regarding the search
    • Taking a leading role to transition the new pastor and his family into the Midtown community before and after they arrive in Nashville
  • Who should we contact if we have questions or thoughts?

    Please send all your questions/comments/feedback to and we will have an elder or advisory team member get in contact with you.

  • What are the plans to keep Granny White informed?

    We will be providing regular updates throughout the search process. All updates will be posted on this page. We will also be keeping discipleship group leaders informed so they can communicate with their groups. Also, the elders, the members of the prayer and advisory team, and the Granny White staff will be available to answer any questions or receive input.

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