What To Expect

At Midtown you will discover a group of real people dedicated to Jesus and seeing Nashville changed by the Gospel. Midtown is one church in four neighborhoods across our city.

Are you wondering what to expect when you visit one of our Midtown congregations? Though each site has its unique personality, there are a few common traits across each campus…

Teaching grounded in Scripture pointing to Christ.

Clear communication of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our first priority.

Excellent music designed to lead the entire congregation in worship.

You may visit one of our congregations and wonder where the worship team is. This is because they are often off to the side so they can lead without being the focus.

A casual atmosphere.

Attire varies from person to person.

Intentional service planning.

Though we are causal in attire, we are reverent and intentional in how we put together our worship services so that they expound and apply Biblical truth in the lives of Midtowners.

An invitation into community.

Midtown Small Groups are the backbone of how to connect in community, and we are continually providing new ways to connect with these groups.


Though we strive for excellence, part of our confession of faith is that we are a people in process— people who need a Savior. Because this is who we are, we fail, we struggle, and we hurt one another. We rely on the grace of God and the redemptive power of repentance and forgiveness to grow us and heal us.

A love for our amazing city.

Midtown is a church in Nashville for Nashville. We love this place, and want our existence here to be for the good of our hometown.