Jesus the King

Release Date: February 2, 2014
Format: Digital Download
Our church spent a season going through Tim Keller’s book, “Jesus The King,” based on the Book of Mark. This album is a collection of songs written by some of the songwriters in our community from their time spent in this book, and in response to what the Lord was doing in our own hearts and lives, and in the hearts and lives of the people around us during this season.

Lyrics Credits

  1. Glorious God Adam Hambrick 0:34
  2. Upside Down Emily Feller 0:33
  3. My King Josh Pantana 0:30
  4. Mercy Seat Stacy Lantz 0:32
  5. Wherever You Are Graham Bechler 0:35
  6. I Will Wait Mandy Mann 0:25
  7. Help My Unbelief Seth Harper 0:27
  8. Glimpse of Glory Stephen Gause 0:34
  9. Jesus Your Love Cori Bechler 0:35
  10. Everything You Need Christopher Williams 0:31
  11. Trinity Jason Feller 0:36

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