Elliott Cherry - June 20, 2020

Gift of Prayer

Prayers of Paul

Ephesians 1:3-14

Digging Deeper
This week we begin our summer dive into prayer. We will look at how the Apostle Paul prayed, and what he prayed for. We want to examine prayer by what is modeled for us in scripture: by Jesus, David, and Paul. These prayers help us see both the purpose and gift of prayer, as well as point to its necessity in the life of the believer. We hope this series will encourage us as a community and help us develop a prayer life that mirrors the heart of God.

Head: What is Paul's reason for prayer? What is the focus of this part of his prayer?

Heart: Examine your own life and approach to prayer. How does Paul's prayer in these verses challenge your own reason to pray or not to pray?

Hands: Spend some time praying. Specifically, as Paul does, spend the first part of your prayer articulating the wonder of belonging to a God who delighted to make you His own.

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