Midtown’s Pastors in Residence (Track #1) is a three-year mentoring program designed to train and equip church leaders of tomorrow.  The central focus of this program is learning and development. Qualified residents will be learning apprentices in four critical areas of preparation, or Key Learning Areas.  Residents will be required to fulfill a learning contract twice a year during their residency that reflects their commitment to learn in each area.

  1. Seminary, learning theology
  2. Ministry Experiences, learning ministry
  3. Leadership Development, learning to lead
  4. Pastoral Development, learning to pastor

Midtown’s Pastors In Residence (Track #1) is a full-time job. Residents will participate in full-time seminary studies (20 hours a week) and work in one of the other Key Learning Areas during the remainder of their work hours.


What can residents expect from Midtown?

  • Individualized coaching and mentoring in all Key Learning Areas
  • Real-time, real-life learning experience that will prepare you for future ministry
  • An honest assessment of your pastoral gifts and skills
  • A grace-based team that will help you grow and mature as a pastor-leader
  • A unique opportunity to go to school while working in an effective ministry environment

What can Midtown expect from residents?

  • Raise all needed funds as it relates to this program
  • Effectively nourish and maintain all donors through thank you notes, calls, and a monthly prayer and  celebration letter to donors
  • Spend a minimum of twenty hours a week in school studies
  • Spend a minimum of twenty hours a week in Key Learning Areas
  • Demonstrate a willingness to be developed and molded through humble service and a learning attitude


Fundraising, Salary and Benefits  

All Pastors in Residence will raise all the needed monies to fund their entire residency.  This includes salary, school tuition and books, health insurance and cell phone allowance.

Salary Structure

All Pastors in Residence can raise up to $55,000 per year for their salary. Salary may be less depending on financial circumstances.


When are the application, interviewing and hiring dates?

  • We will begin accepting application packages on 04/15/19
  • The application deadline is 05/31/19
  • Interviews and hiring will take place from 06/1/19 through 09/01/19

What does the interview process look like?

Upon receipt of your application package, we will review your paperwork in detail.  Please be thorough. All Midtown applicants will receive a first interview, beginning on June 1. After the first interview, you will be notified within seven days if you will or will not move on to the second interview.  After the second interview, you will be notified within seven days if you will or will not move on to the third interview. After the third interview, you will be notified within seven days if you are hired or not hired.

What happens after I am hired?

You will immediately begin fundraising by building a donor base.

When do I begin my full-time residency?

January 2, 2020 (dependent on all funds being raised)

How to Apply

What is the application package?

  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter
  • Resumé 
  • Applicant Questionnaire
  • Testimony

Applications are considered complete when all five components are submitted together. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.