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Filipina Bloom

The US’ College of Electors has not always been faithful to their state's popular choice when electing a US President in the interest of country and nation. So it was but strategic planning when Speaker Pelosi detailed to her caucus on September 28, 2020 an alternative scenario wherein neither Biden nor Trump could be declared winner of a majority of electors and then underscored imperative need to expand their majority in the House to prevent Republicans from gaining control, in the event a newly elected House must decide the presidency in January 2021, with each state Representative casting a single vote as required by the 12th Amendment. Whether rumor is true or not that Pelosi herself, Senator Feinstein thru her husband, and the Clinton Foundation have stakes in Dominion Voting Systems Corporation that provided glitchy voting software or machines to over 30 US states, the fact is that Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff now Dominion's DC lobbyist – Egyptian-American Muslim activist Nadeam Elshami – was a known Gore-to-Bush “vote siphoner” who can speculate that if President Trump won with 304 elector votes over Hillary Clinton’s 227 by the US Constitution in November 2016, cannot vote election fraud and vote count controversy win the presidency for Biden with 219 more Democrat House seats over 203 more Republicans’ by the 12th Amendment in January 2021? It increasingly appears that massive absentee ballot harvesting, forgeries, tabulator glitches, etc. and the subsequent vote count quarrels are tactics designed and orchestrated to not only effect Pelosi’s vision of a no-win presidential race situation but also to distract attention from probable siphoning of congressional candidates’ votes from Republicans to Democrats, thereby creating conditions that warrant election of a President by the House of Representatives by the 12th Amendment instead of by constitutional Electoral College. So please help pray...

Our Father in heaven, forgive our errors; hear our plea. We ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ for your hand to help work out early election post audit by transparent manual vote recount, in all levels of candidacy, in each precinct at all US states, so that vote stealing be thwarted and verified truth be outed in good time. Yet not our will but yours be done, "For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God" (Romans 13:1). Amen.

All God's people agreeing in prayer please say "Amen."

Received: November 17, 2020