Currently all of the immediate needs of Midtowners are being met. We will update this page with additional information as it becomes available.

If you want to help and aren’t sure where to start, here are a few trusted, local partners that we can pool our resources towards, alongside other local non-profits:

  • Donate time to Hands On Nashville as an individual, family or Discipleship group. Hands On Nashville has partnered with the City of Nashville and Office of Emergency Management to coordinate needs and match volunteers.  If you sign up to serve via their site, they will contact you when a particular volunteer opportunity is available. They also allow you to sign up as a Group and designate a Group Leader.  Consider this option for Discipleship Groups that would like to serve together.
  • Purchase items from the Amazon Wishlist setup by the Community Resource Center
  • Donate money to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s Emergency Response Fund
  • Donate blood or become a volunteer through the American Red Cross.

North Nashville

All Midtown congregations are working with Kirk Adkisson and All Souls Church of Nashville to meet their needs and the needs in the broader North Nashville community.

Give Financially
  1. Text $ amount of gift and then the word “relief” to 84321
  2. Select the North Nashville Tornado Relief fund on the Midtown Giving Page
Donate Items

We postponed the Food and Necessities Collection for this Sunday. Help, in the form of goods have poured in from across the city and there are adequate supplies for the foreseeable future of essential items like wipes, baby products, cleaning supplies, etc.