Silence and stillness before God (2 Min)

Read Philippians 1:1-11

You are not alone

Verses 3-4
Can you imagine sitting in prison knowing that this was the last chapter of your life. You might get discouraged thinking that you were alone, but not Paul. He started to remember his friends, and with great joy he prayed for them. He knew he was not alone. Paul calls them partners in the gospel. They shared his love for Christ, and his love to see the gospel spread into others’ lives. Laboring together they became partners. Almost every sin starts with a man believing that he is alone, it’s all up to him and nobody is for him. Are you alone?

Who do you remember?
Who do you pray for with joy?
Who are your partners in the gospel?


Lord, thank you that you remember me, and pray for me with joy. In your kindness and love teach me to love others, and make room in my heart and mind for them. Would you teach me to pray with joy for them, and learn what it means to partner in the gospel?

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