Silence and stillness before God (2 Min)

Read Philippians 1:12-30

I don’t care about my mechanic’s motives

Verses 15-18

What is it about the preaching of Christ that is so powerful that even when it’s preached with the motive of selfish ambition, it still has power? False motives or true – what matters is that Christ is preached. I understand that with my auto mechanic, because I don’t care about his motives. I don’t check in to see how he is feeling today, I just care about getting my car getting fixed. Does the name of Jesus have power regardless of the motives of the one who speaks it? Wherever, whenever, however He is preached, it is powerful, because Christ is powerful. If that is true then…

When do you preach Christ to yourself regardless of how you feel?
How do you preach Christ to yourself?
How do you preach Christ in your home and community?


The first week there was guided prayer, but from this point on I encourage you to talk honestly with God from your own heart. This is a relationship, not a formula. Remember, prayer is always an invitation from God to be with him (Revelation 3:20), not a way to rub the magic bottle to get what we want. Prayer always changes me first, but is also used by God to change the world.

If this is new to you, use this guide.

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