Silence and stillness before God (2 Min)

Read Philippians 3:12-4:1

How to take hold, Step 2

Verse 13
In 1974 Gordy Ainsleigh entered the Western Trail Ride, which is a 24-hour race on horseback over a 100-mile course. Early that morning, before the race began, Gordy’s horse came up lame, so he made an epic decision: he would run the race without his horse. Yep, he ran 100 miles in 23 hours and 42 minutes and started the Western Trail Endurance Race. Several years later, Mary Gorski ran that race and had these profound words, “The Western Trail is one of the most beautiful places that I have vomited.” That’s crazy!!!!
Paul isn’t just calling us “just” to run a race, he is calling us to run like we want to win. Like we are “crazy”. If we are going to run life with that kind of “crazy”, we have to be people who forget. When we are forgiven our sins, our Father remembers them no more! If our Father forgets them, then shouldn’t we join him and let go of the guilt and shame of what’s been forgiven? 2 Peter 1:9 tells us that forgetting the wrong thing is disastrous. When we forget that we are forgiven it causes our faith to be ineffective and unproductive. Let us forget the right things, that we might run “crazy” after the prize.

What do you need to forget?
How can your brothers and sisters in Christ help you forget?
How can you help them?


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