Lead Sunday morning worship, and develop a team of people that leads Sunday services.

Time Commitment

Up to 15 hours per week. This includes attending weekly staff small groups.


Team – leadership at Midtown always happens on/through teams. The worship director is part of the larger Midtown team, part of our East Nashville staff team, and should primarily envision this role as leading a team.

Transparency – giving and receiving feedback is a necessity. Honest communication is a must for creating a healthy church culture and for architecting an effective worship service. Voracious humility is required.

Teachability – each of us desires to grow in our craft, and this requires teachability. More than passively receiving feedback, a teachable person brings his/her whole self to the table and engages. This requires initiative as well as submission.


Develop – worship is a community endeavor, which means leading worship should be a community endeavor. The primary responsibility of the worship director is to develop a team of people that leads our congregation in worship. This includes audio visual personnel, and worship leaders and musicians.

Disciple – worship matures us, and leading worship means calling others into maturity. Architecting a Sunday service should be viewed through the lens of discipleship. We also never call people somewhere we aren’t going ourselves. Building a ministry team necessarily involves intentional investment in individuals and their spiritual development.

Design – worship honors God and shapes our community. The worship director works under the congregational pastor to architect a service that achieves these goals. The elements of the service (including song choice, worship style, prayer and readings) must connect with the culture of East Nashville specifically, while worshipping God as he has instructed.

Deploy – regardless of whether he/she is playing, the worship director leads on Sunday, as vision is translated to reality during the service. The Sunday service is also an opportunity for the worship director to observe how God is moving, how the community is responding, and how the team is leading.

Specific Skills

Musically gifted, not only to play but also to arrange, preference for guitar led worship

People oriented with the skills and experience necessary for leading others

Logistically qualified as role requires creating and maintaining schedules


To apply, please fill out the online application and also submit the following items to the Midtown Office.

  1. Your resume & cover letter. Please include a brief description of your philosophy of leading worship either in your cover letter or as a separate document.
  2. An audio and/or video recording of a celebratory song and a reflective song of your choice.