“Sanctuary” is a collection of songs written by some of the songwriters in our community in response to what the Lord is doing in our own hearts and lives, and in the hearts and lives of the people around us. These songs reflect themes of rest and identity – that we are the children of GOD, and he has called us to dwell in the refuge and richness of his presence. We hope the LORD will use these songs to remind you of who we are in Christ, and the promises that come with being his child.

Release Date: November 6, 2016

Lyrics Credits

  1. Sanctuary Stacy Lantz 0:31
  2. Be At Rest Joseph Patton 0:33
  3. You Found Me Josh Pantana 0:30
  4. Anchor Mandy Mann 0:27
  5. Everything I Need Matt Wertz 0:27
  6. This Is Who We Are Stephen Gause 0:32
  7. Redemption Carly Fair 0:35
  8. You Were Meant To Be Jason Feller 0:27
  9. Past, Present, Future Christopher Williams 0:28
  10. Jonah Alex Florez 0:26
  11. Because Of You Treva Blomquist 0:33
  12. Better End Rob Blackledge 0:38