Weddings at Midtown



  • Is membership required for a Midtown pastor to officiate my wedding?

    While membership at Midtown is not required, Midtown pastors do give priority to members who are actively involved in the life of Midtown. With limited time and availability, our pastors are not able to officiate for every couple attending Midtown. Their responsibility is first to those who have taken vows to support and submit to our local church, living out their call as followers of Christ in relationship with other believers here at Midtown.

  • When should I request an officiant?

    Please send in your officiant request 4 – 6 months in advance of your wedding date. Pastors are rarely able to commit to dates further than 6 months away, but a request made less than 4 months in advance doesn’t leave sufficient time for premarital counseling.

  • Will my officiant charge a fee?

    Officiating weddings is a part of the pastor’s ministry to his congregation. Therefore, a fee is not required. However, many times the couple getting married desires to give a thank you gift in recognition of the pastor’s time and commitment. Typically, this gift would be around $500.

  • Do Midtown pastors travel for weddings?

    In most cases, Sunday obligations prohibit pastors from traveling for out-of-town weddings. Your requested officiant may ask if you are flexible in your choice of location and date.

  • What if a Midtown pastor can't officiate my wedding?

    In the event that your pastor is not available to officiate, we do recommend a few other pastors and counselors who are licensed to officiate. Please email the Midtown Office for that information.

Congratulations on your engagement!

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We are so excited for you as you enter into the mystery and adventure of marriage. We believe that marriage is designed by God and is a beautiful reflection of his covenant love for his people. We believe that it is one of the tools that the Lord uses to sanctify us, so that we resemble more and more the image of his Son. We believe that community is essential to the marriage journey as well. If you aren’t already part of a discipleship group, we urge you to join one. Our ultimate desire is to see people being transformed by the gospel and made into mature disciples of Christ who will bring the good news into each sphere of their life.