Job Description

Position Name:

Executive Director (XD)


Midtown East Nashville

Job Status:

Part time (20 hours/week)

Reports to:

East Nashville Team Captain, Brant Bonetti

Job Summary:

The Executive Director works closely with the Team Captain and Congregational Care Commission (elders and advisors) to execute the congregational vision. This involves managing communication, overseeing key events, and developing and deploying volunteers and systems to accomplish key tasks and initiatives.

Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Work w/ Team Captain to understand, and when necessary, develop event vision
  • Plan, communicate, and execute events to ensure they meet designated purpose
  • Evaluate events against stated goals
  • Utilize volunteers and staff resources throughout this process
  • Create and execute a unified communication strategy
  • Manage bi-weekly e-bulletin and Sunday morning announcements
  • Brainstorm new ways to interact with and engage our East community
  • Develop a plan to leverage Instagram to meet people where they are
  • Create content, gather content, and delegate content creation for Instagram
  • Post Instagram content
  • Analyze data to hone Instagram strategy
Sunday Ops
  • Ensure proper set up/tear down of sanctuary, Kidtown, and hospitality
  • Lead volunteer team and create an engaging environment for volunteers
  • Schedule, develop and deploy Connect team
  • Manage volunteers through Planning Center
  • Ensure Riverside Revival is clean and empty by noon
  • Oversee and coordinate Sunday morning security
  • Prepare for special services (communion, baptism)
  • Point person for Sunday morning quality control
    • Gather and analyze data to measure progress against annual goals
    • Strategize and streamline process around visitor engagement and retention
    • Utilize Asana project management software to track work

Education, Skills & Experience:

The ideal candidate will have:
  • Three or more years of experience in a relevant field
  • Commitment to the vision of Midtown (creating a movement of gospel transformation through multiple congregations) and the mission of Midtown East (establishing a thriving community of worship and witness in East Nashville)
  • An active and committed Christian faith with beliefs and lifestyle consistent with the doctrine of the PCA
Additional skills and experience:
  • Thinks analytically and develops systems
  • Works with and through others to develop them and accomplish objectives
  • Constantly seeks to improve effectiveness and efficiency
  • Juggles competing priorities w/ grace and has excellent time management skills
  • Leads teams with authority and good humor
  • Embraces challenges with creativity, experimenting with and evaluating novel solutions
Personal characteristics:
  • Hungry for growth in relationship with Christ
  • Humble leader who is open to feedback and loves to learn
  • Embraces change as opportunity for positive growth, for self and organization
  • Enthusiastic about opportunity to work in ministry
  • Approaches daily work as a calling