Job description

Position Name

Family Ministry Director


Crieve Hall Congregation

Reports to

Lead Pastor – Crieve Hall

Job Status

Part Time (20 hours/week)

Job Summary

To welcome, shepherd, disciple, and equip the families of Midtown Crieve Hall towards gospel transformation with a particular focus on those with children 5th grade and below. This position will oversee our Kidtown ministry as a primary means for family discipleship with the goal of becoming a “family on mission”.

Functions and Responsibilities:

Executing vision and mission
  • Disciple families according to MCH Vision and Mission
    • “Gospel transformation through multiple congregations”
  • Align with Kidtown Mission Statement
    • Kidtown is a gospel-centered, faith-forming ministry who partners with families to disciple children (birth-fifth grade) to be lifelong followers of Jesus.
Relationship Building
  • Network with new and existing families on Sunday mornings and during the week
  • Create outreach events for families in the community
Family Shepherding and discipleship
  • Care for families through the milestones of birth, baptism, communion, and graduation into youth ministry
  • Create events and training opportunities for families to grow in four-part maturity (spiritual, emotional, relational, social)
  • Utilize Sunday mornings as opportunity for shepherding of young families
Kidtown leadership
  • Oversee Sunday morning Kidtown operations
  • Oversee Elementary Coordinator and Kidtown Assistants
  • Build and execute unified Kidtown discipleship pathway
Nursery-Kindergarten Classroom Leadership
  • Create age-appropriate curriculum, crafts or creative response, and worship
  • Recruit volunteers, schedule and train them for Sunday service
Work Management
  • Set and maintain consistent work schedule and time management based on job responsibilities and congregational ministry plans
Personal Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Abide in Jesus in order to bear the fruit of Jesus

Education, Skills & Experience

The ideal candidate will have: 
  • Relational warmth and a shepherd’s heart
  • Experience discipling families and children to live as a “family on mission”
  • Winsomeness with outsiders
  • An active and committed Christian faith with beliefs and lifestyle consistent with the doctrine of the PCA
Additional skills and experience:
  • Leads teams with authority and good humor
  • Embraces challenges with creativity, experimenting with and evaluating novel solutions
  • Prioritizes competing tasks/projects and manages time well
  • Delegates willingly and develops others
Personal Characteristics:
  • Hungry for growth in relationship with Christ
  • Humble leader who is open to feedback and loves to learn
  • Embraces change as opportunity for positive growth, for self and organization
  • Enthusiastic about opportunity to work in ministry
  • Approaches daily work as a calling

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