Creating a movement of gospel transformation through multiple congregations.

Midtown is one church comprised of several congregations around the Nashville area. Though there are many great churches across our city, Nashville remains a city with a great need for the Gospel. Midtown has one leadership team, with four campuses in four of Nashville’s many unique communities: Granny White, 12 South, Crieve Hall, and East Nashville. Each campus has its own dedicated pastor who works in union with the other Midtown pastors. Our hope is that these campuses would serve to create more intimate venues for people to HEAR the gospel, CONNECT in biblical community, and SERVE Jesus together.

Being one church that is made up of many congregations enables us to:

  • broaden our shared vision to bring the gospel to all parts of our city
  • effectively share our resources
  • offer “large church” ministries with a “small church” feel
  • approach ministry as a team
  • provide quality support new congregations and their leadership core
  • share a governing structure for all congregations. All of Midtown’s congregations are under the oversight of one elder team.