Pastoral Staff

  • Joel Walker

    Executive Pastor

  • Randy Draughon

    Senior Pastor, Downtown

  • Dave Burden

    Pastor, Crieve Hall

  • Elliott Cherry

    Pastor, 12 South

  • Hal Garrett

    Executive Director, Crieve Hall

  • Matt Ockerman

    Executive Director, 12 South

  • Tim Harmon

    Executive Director, Downtown

  • Jonathan Nash

    Pastor in Residence

    Groups Staff

  • Evy Sisco

    Executive Director, Groups & Finance

  • Ashley Spilker

    Discipleship Director, 12 South

  • Joseph Patton

    Discipleship Coach, 12 South

  • Blake Mundell

    Discipleship Coach, 12 South

  • Lisa Harrison

    Discipleship Coach, 12 South

  • Renee Draughon

    Discipleship Coach, Downtown

  • Robyn Quintard

    Groups Staff

    Worship Staff

  • Jeff Pardo

    Director of Worship, East Nashville

  • Josh Pantana

    Worship Director, 12 South

  • Kevin Mann

    Director of Worship, Downtown

  • Rob Blackledge

    Worship Director, Crieve Hall

    Kidtown Staff

  • Shelly Walker

    Director of Kidtown, 12 South

  • Jen Jackson

    Director of Kidtown, Crieve Hall

  • Jasmine Davis

    Director of Kidtown, Downtown

    Youth Staff

  • Brant Bonetti

    Co-Director of Youth

  • Shelby Walker

    Co-Director of Youth

    Central Ministries & Services

  • Chad Fair

    Director of Operations

  • Holly Frees

    Finance & H.R.

  • Julie Langmade

    Director of Administration

  • Patience Ross


  • Shannon Smith

    Administrative Lead