Who We Are

Midtown West is a community of people Jesus is gathering to lead on adventure with him. Adventure because we’ve never been to where he’s leading us. Adventure because we are little children following our Father to the real life for which we were made. Real, full, dynamic life in Jesus, with Jesus and with each other. 

Jesus is setting us free from sin, self, fear and all that seeks to destroy us. We are not a community of experts. We are free to fail, free to not know all there is to know, and free to be in process. And as we are being set free, we are going with Jesus to set others free from these same enemies to real life in him. We fight for each other, and we fight for people who aren’t yet a part of our community. And as these new people come into this community of freedom, we celebrate and enjoy the God who loves, redeems and restores…together! 

We are a band of brothers and sisters from all walks of life: young urban professionals and empty nesters, singles and families, artists and accountants, seekers and believers. Nothing about you will keep you from being welcomed and loved by Jesus in this community. Come join us on this adventure. 

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In order to deepen our relationships, we host weeknight small groups where you’ll have the opportunity to meet other people from Midtown West and discuss the Bible passage from the current sermon series. Groups are always open and you can join at any time.

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