Midtown has always had a heart for the non-religious, spiritually marginalized, church burned and doubters that don’t fit into the mainstream church. We are not slick or performance oriented. We thrive in the honest, messy struggle of being people who are unfinished. We work hard to bring real life into our theology. Shedding the skin of tradition and phony religious ceremony, we seek to embrace vulnerability, honesty and the joy of being unfinished. We want to bring that real-life gospel into real life.

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We are a group of people who are aware of our brokenness and want to be transformed by God’s love through his Son, Jesus. In order to deepen our relationships, we host weeknight small groups where you’ll have the opportunity to meet other Crieve Hallers and discuss the Bible passage from the current sermon series. Groups are always open and you can join at any time.

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