Creating a Movement

As we act, we are guided by our mission statement: “To create a movement of gospel transformation through multiple congregations.” This statement guides our efforts in two specific ways as we seek to live missional lives in the world around us.

We invite you to start living a missional life. If you have questions about how to get involved please email [email protected].

  • Gospel Transformation

    We believe it is a primary responsibility of the church to “equip the saints for works of ministry” (Ephesians 4). That means we focus much of our energy on training our people to understand who they are, what they have, and how to leverage all of that in order to impact the places where God has specifically called them.

  • Multiple Congregations

    We believe God has called us as congregations to the neighborhoods and communities, where we meet. We desire to step into these areas not only to serve as a place for spiritual growth but for emotional and physical growth as well. It’s a tangible place for us to be the physical representation of our God to individuals in these communities.

Ways to Serve at Crieve Hall

These are opportunities where we invite all of our people to live missional lives—as youth, families and groups.

Kidtown Team

Kidtown volunteers serve the youngest in our community by sharing the gospel and loving them each week during the service. We have a hope that 100% of our congregation would serve in Kidtown each year. Email Hal Garrett to learn how to serve in Kidtown.


  • Setup Team

    This team of 4–7 adults sets up the gym and classrooms for Sunday worship. They meet on Friday nights or Saturdays and it takes approximately 1.5–2 hours. Each team commits to one month of set up every 4th month.

    How often: Once a week for 4 weeks (with a three-month break)

    When: Friday evenings or Saturdays

    Questions? Contact Emily Layton at [email protected]

  • Teardown Team

    This team tears down chairs, coffee bar, Midtown life table, communion, and Kidtown after service on Sundays. This team commits to at least one service per month.

    How often: At least one Sunday per month

    When: After service on Sundays (11:30am–12:20pm)

    Questions? Contact Emily Layton at [email protected]

  • Slides Team

    This person runs slides for the service. They should arrive by 9:45am to be ready at the sound desk and clarify any questions with the worship leader before the service starts. The slides volunteer stays seated at the sound desk for the entirety of the service.

    How often: As often as able according to volunteer preference and availability

    When: 9:45am–11:15am on Sundays

    Questions? Contact Janie Townsend at [email protected]


We commit to contribute financially to the organizations represented in our community reaching places we cannot reach without them.

Young Life Capernaum: Suzanne Williams, a Crieve Haller, helps lead Young Life Capernaum, an outreach ministry for teenagers and young adults with disabilities. Please email Suzanne if you would like to hear more.

Servant Group International: To help serve immigrants in Nashville from the Middle East, especially Iraq and Syria, Servant Group International runs several volunteer programs to help them adjust, make friends and learn of the hope and love of Christ. If you would like to know more or to serve with us, visit the Servant Group Nashville website or email Colleen McGarry.


Read more about why we give and how giving is an act of mission.


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