What to Expect

Your family will be greeted by our host team when they walk through the door.

All of our Kidtown volunteers are background checked and trained.

  • Drop Off & Pick Up

    Your first stop will be the downstairs check-in desk right next to our Elementary room where a volunteer can help you get checked in. From there, you will be directed to either our upstairs or downstairs classrooms where you will drop-off your child and pick them up after the service.

    If you’re a first time visitor, tell us ahead of time that you’re coming and it will speed up the check-in process.

  • Safety & Security Measures

    When you sign in your child your child will receive a number that will appear on their nametag. There is a corresponding sticker for that number that you will hold on to. Please show this sticker to your child’s teacher in order for us to safely dismiss children.

Programming & Age Groups


The Nursery is for children 6 months to 2 years old—upstairs in the room with the purple/turquoise doors

2 year olds

The 2 year class is for children 2 to 2.5 year oldsupstairs in the room with the yellow door

3 year olds

The 3 year class is for 3 to 3.5 year olds—upstairs in the room with the orange door


The PreK class is for children 4 and up until Kindergarten—upstairs in the room with the red door


The Elementary class is for children in Kindergarten to 5th grade—downstairs in the Fellowship Hall and in the room with the green door

How To Volunteer

We Need You!

Kidtown is possible each week because of our amazing team of volunteers. Interested in serving in Kidtown? Contact Jasmine Davis for more information!