• Why is the name different?

    This work began 7 years ago when the Nashes moved into Napier to build relationships and do ministry alongside their neighbors – many of it happening around the table with food! Since then, the Napier congregation has been built by the community from within the community, including most recently by a Core Team made up of 12 families from Napier and 3 from Midtown. The name “Napier Kitchen Table” is known and respected in the community and reflects the work that has been done over the years.

  • Why a church in Napier?

    Midtown Fellowship’s mission is gospel transformation through multiple congregations. As we worked with our neighbors over the years, we discovered a need for the right kind of church community in Napier. The Napier community hasn’t had a new church in 25 years and less than 5% of the people in the community attend church.

  • Is it a congregation or a ministry?

    Both! Napier Kitchen Table worships together each Sunday at 155 Lafayette St., and it also serves its community through a variety of daily ministries programs throughout the week.

  • What are the programs that NKT provides to the community?

    • Affordable produce via seasonal mobile food pantry
    • Trauma counseling
    • Youth group, teen entrepreneurship and culinary school
    • Elementary literacy support 
    • Men’s recovery
  • How can I help?

    • Pray for the community of Napier that they would experience gospel transformation.
    • Become a sustaining partner of Napier Kitchen Table by making a recurring financial donation. 
    • Register for the Napier Produce Partnership to purchase fresh produce for yourself and your neighbors in Napier.
    • Follow along with our ministry and find links to connect with us here