How It Works

A seasonal subscription of local produce from Wade Farms supports the sale of produce affordably in Napier.

When you sign up for a season-long produce subscription, you will receive a weekly box of produce (roughly enough for an average family of 4 for one week) filled with your choice of whatever Farmer Wade has available that week.

Choose your produce on Sunday mornings between 8:30am and 12:00pm at Midtown’s Granny White location. The season runs from June 2 to September 22.

How your subscription supports Napier

If you sign up for the Produce Partnership, $4 of your $24 weekly price goes to purchase produce for the Napier community.

Farmer Hargis Wade of Wade Farms is offering his produce to us at wholesale prices (roughly 50% off) to sell in Napier. We will use the money from the Napier Produce Partnership to purchase the produce and then sell it to Napier residents. 

The Napier Kitchen Table Mobile market will drive a pickup truck in the Napier area for 2 hours on Sundays for families to purchase produce at a low cost. For the past two summers, NKT has hired two teens who have worked in the mobile market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost? What are the payment options?

    The cost is $384 for the entire 16-week season. This comes out to $24 per week ($20/week for your produce + a $4/week donation to offset the cost of selling the same produce affordably in Napier). Our farmer’s costs have gone up since last year which is why the pricing looks slightly different from last season.

    There are two payment options:

    • Pay the season total ($384) upon registration OR
    • Pay half of the season total ($192) upon registration and the remaining half ($192) by Sunday, August 4.


  • What if I am out of town or can't pick up my produce on one or more Sundays during the season?

    You can either donate your share of produce for the week to the Napier community or have a friend, neighbor or family member come pick up your produce to use that week!

  • Can I share a subscription with others?

    Yes! This is a wonderful opportunity to build community. You may consider purchasing one or more subscriptions to share with your discipleship group, neighbors, roommates, or friends. You can use the produce together (plan, cook and eat meals together) or simply share the cost of a seasonal subscription and take turns picking up and using the produce each week. Please only have one person register per seasonal subscription that you wish to purchase.

  • What if I don’t think I can make it to Midtown Granny White every Sunday morning?

    Don’t let that stop you from participating! If there are enough produce partners at any particular Midtown congregation, we will work to coordinate volunteers from that congregation who could come pick up boxes and deliver to the congregation each Sunday. Also, a box can be filled and set aside for you to pick up later on Sunday. Please contact Jenny Gilbert at [email protected] if you’d like to arrange this latter option.