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Welcome to Midtown East Nashville! You’ll soon find out that the people of Midtown are a messy group of unfinished people that serve a God that is not messy and loves unfinished people. In fact, that love of transformation through Christ is what we are all about.

To us, the gospel is nether religion which says, “I obey so that I will be accepted,” or irreligion which says, “Obey? The only one I obey is me!” Rather, we have discovered God’s grace to be His love and acceptance of us in spite of who we are. The gospel says, “You are accepted because of the Person and Work of Christ, now you can obey out of that acceptance.” This results in a humble confidence as we approach God because “we are more flawed and lost than we could ever imagine and we are more loved and accepted by God than we could ever dare dream” (Tim Keller).

There is a great scene in the film Moneyball. Before you watch here is the backstory. Billy Bean (Brad Pitt) is the GM of the Oakland A’s and he adopts a new approach to building a baseball team. In 2002, the A’s won 20 consecutive games, setting a new record. At the end of that season, the Boston Red Sox offered Billy Bean their GM position that would’ve made him the highest paid GM in sports history. He turned them down and stayed in Oakland. Even though he literally changed the game of baseball and was courted by one of the best teams in MLB, Billy Bean got tripped up by the negative (the A’s got knocked out of the playoffs). He said to his Assistant GM (Jonah Hill), “I really wish we would’ve won here.” In this scene, Jonah Hill is reminding Brad Pitt of something that he already possesses. Ok, now you can watch!

Why is that scene so good? Because it reflects what the gospel is saying to our hearts. So often, we forget the gospel and we live as if we “hit a home run and we don’t even realize it.” What Jonah Hill does for Brad Pitt, the gospel does the same thing for us. The gospel is always reminding us of what we already possess and says, “You have the finished work of Christ! Through faith, He has brought you from death to life. He has removed your sin by His blood and He declares you righteous. He has redeemed you by His death and resurrection. Jesus hit the ball 60 feet over the fence for you! You are now a son/daughter of God and no longer an orphan. You are His child. Now live your day-to-day life in light of that gospel reality!”

We believe that God has given us a vision to be one church with many different congregations within this city. The intention is to create more intimate venues for people to hear the gospel, connect in biblical community and serve Jesus together. At the East Nashville location, we enjoy being a church in this neighborhood, for this neighborhood, that loves this neighborhood.

Our desire is to be a safe place for both believers and unbelievers. We invite you to “peek over the fence” and please let us know how we can serve you and come along side you in your spiritual journey.

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The East Nashville Congregation congregation meets at Stratford High School in East Nashville.


1800 Stratford Ave
Nashville, TN 37216

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