What are Groups like?

Our groups are smaller collections of people from the same congregation who meet weekly to discuss the Bible passage from the current sermon series.

  • Who comes to groups?

    Friends, co-workers, spouses, neighbors, church members, visitors, everyone! Our groups are primarily a mix of all ages and genders. We do not have gender specific groups right now.

  • Where are groups held?

    Groups are held in private homes all over East Nashville and surrounding neighborhoods.

  • What do we do during group?

    Essentially, we sit in a circle and talk. A group discussion is divided into 3 parts: an opening section of welcoming, checking in and reviewing the group guidelines; a section of setting the scene, reading and reviewing the scripture passage; and finally a discussion of the passage using Head, Heart and Hands questions.

  • Can visitors come?

    Visitors are always welcome! We invite you to come grow in your understanding of the gospel and connect with other Midtowners.

Interested in leading a group?

Discipleship Groups at Midtown support Gospel-centered relationships where we are committed to maturing in Christ together. Group leaders partner with church leadership to love, serve and equip God’s people. We are always happy to have you jump in a group and join us in Discipleship Training 1 to begin the conversation.


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