Attend an In-Person Service

12 South – 9am, 11am & 5pm at 2415 12th Ave South


Crieve Hall – 9am at the CSX Baseball Field (Family-friendly)


East Nashville – 11am & 4pm at 1211 Riverside Dr. (Childcare available for 0-3 years) Register here.


Granny White – 9am & 10:30am at 3410 Granny White Pike (Childcare available only at 9am)


West Nashville – 4:30pm at 3410 Granny White Pike (Childcare available) Register here.

Join a Live Stream

Each congregation will be live streaming a service every Sunday.  You can watch on your congregation page on the website or on YouTube.

12 South – 11am

Crieve Hall – 9am

East Nashville – 11am

Granny White – 9am

West Nashville – 4:30pm


Philippians Daily Office Starting April 12

As we journey through the book of Philippians, we invite you to spend some time with Jesus through a daily office we’ve created alongside the sermon series. This eight-week study incorporates silence, scripture, questions, and prayer to feed your soul each day.

Depending on your preference, you can…


Why Join a Group?

Yes, now. Even in a global pandemic. We believe that consistent, intimate gatherings proclaiming the truth of the Gospel as it relates to our lives are the best environment to help us mature emotionally, spiritually, relationally and socially. We believe we need each other.  Discipleship Groups are gatherings of 4-16 people, virtually or in-person, who are committed as a community to building relationships that support maturing in Christ together.


Wait!  Midtown has a mobile app?

Yes we do!  It’s called Church Center.  It’s easy to download and setup.  Inside you’ll find easy ways to find information about your campus, give, join a group, watch sermons and register for events.

Where can I download the Church Center App?


Need Financial Assistance?

This is an unprecedented time, and we know that emergency needs are arising in our Midtown community.  In response, we have created an emergency benevolence fund to help assist with the financial needs of Midtowners.  If you need help, please click the “I Need Help” button below. Additionally, we have compiled a list of local, state and federal assistance that is available to you.  View the list of resources

Amazingly, many of you have also asked how you can help, so thank you.  If you’d like to contribute to the emergency fund, you can do this by clicking the “I Want to Help” button below.


(Links to Online Giving Page)


Need Prayer?

We know there are so many needs in our community during this season.  Our staff, elders and other Midtowners would love to pray for you.  Take a minute to share your prayer request and pray for the ones listed on the prayer wall.

Share a Prayer Request

View All Requests


Who is Midtown Fellowship?

It’s simple. We want to be a movement that actually witnesses people being transformed by the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are called to carry out that mission by planting many different congregations throughout the city of Nashville and beyond.

Midtown Fellowship is one church that is made up of multiple congregations.  Right now, we have five congregations in unique parts of the city – 12 South, Crieve Hall, East Nashville, West Nashville and Granny White. Each of these congregations has its own dedicated staff, but all of our staff works together toward a single vision.  Our hope is that each campus would serve to create an intimate venue for people to hear the gospel, build Christ-centered community and grow in maturity.