Big Announcement Coming This Sunday

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We’ve got some big news to share with you this Sunday.  Be sure to watch the service to hear about new opportunities to worship at Midtown starting Sunday, September 6.

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Jonathan Nash - August 1, 2020


Ephesians 3:14-21

Digging Deeper
Use the following questions to deepen your reflection on today's passage, Ephesians 3:14-21.

Head: What gifts come along with the power Paul is praying for?

Heart: How is Love powerful in your life right now?

Hands: What is one issue bringing you anxiety right now? How can you pray for the Lord's power to be realized in this area?

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The Napier Kitchen Table

More Information on the Napier Ministry

The videos mentioned in the sermon yesterday are now available. You can also sign up for the prayer team and the produce partnership.

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Groups coming soon!

Our Groups are taking a short break in preparation for the fall. If you’re not in a group, we’d love for you to join one. You will be able to return here on August 28 to choose your congregation and find an open group with other members of your congregation.

Need Financial Assistance?

This is an unprecedented time, and we know that emergency needs are arising in our Midtown community.  In response, we have created an emergency benevolence fund to help assist with the financial needs of Midtowners.  If you need help, please click the “I Need Help” button below. Additionally, we have compiled a list of local, state and federal assistance that is available to you.  View the list of resources

Amazingly, many of you have also asked how you can help, so thank you.  If you’d like to contribute to the emergency fund, you can do this by clicking the “I Want to Help” button below.


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Need Prayer?

We know there are so many needs in our community during this season.  Our staff, elders and other Midtowners would love to pray for you.  Take a minute to share your prayer request and pray for the ones listed on the prayer wall.

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Who We Are

Who is Midtown Fellowship?

It’s simple. We want to be a movement that actually witnesses people being transformed by the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. We believe that we are called to carry out that mission by planting many different congregations throughout the city of Nashville and beyond.

Midtown Fellowship is one church that is made up of multiple congregations.  Right now, we have four congregations in unique parts of the city – 12 South, Crieve Hall, East Nashville and Granny White. Each of these congregations has its own dedicated staff, but all of our staff works together toward a single vision.  Our hope is that each campus would serve to create an intimate venue for people to hear the gospel, build Christ-centered community and grow in maturity.