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Welcome to Midtown East Nashville! You’ll soon find out that the people of Midtown are a messy group of unfinished people that serve a God that is not messy and loves unfinished people. In fact, the journey of transformation through Christ is what we are all about.
To us, the gospel is nether religion which says, “I obey so that I will be accepted,” or irreligion which says, “Obey? The only one I obey is me!” Rather, we have discovered God’s grace in his love and acceptance of us in spite of who we are.

We believe that God has given us a vision to be one church with many different congregations within this city. The intention is to create more intimate venues for people to hear the gospel, build Christ-centered community and grow in maturity. At the East Nashville location, we enjoy being a church in this neighborhood, for this neighborhood, that loves this neighborhood.
Our desire is to be a safe place for both believers and unbelievers. We invite you to join us and to let us know how we can serve and come alongside you in your spiritual journey.

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Why Join a Discipleship Group?

Discipleship Groups are relational gatherings of 4-16 people who are committed as a community to maturing in Christ together.  Discipleship Groups use intentionally-designed discussion that is centered on God’s word and facilitated by a trained leader as a building block toward maturity. We believe that consistent, intimate gatherings proclaiming the truth of the Gospel as it relates to our lives are the best environment to help people mature emotionally, spiritually, relationally and socially. The resulting community develops believers who are following Jesus and being changed by him, while equipping them to bring his message of Good News into their homes, workplaces, schools and neighborhoods.

The Members
  • 4-16 people
  • Varied demographics
  • Congregation-specific
  • Visitors welcome
The Time & Place
  • Meet weekly
  • Group members’ homes
  • Break for summer/winter season
The Study

Scripture from the current sermon series


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The Youth Ministry at Midtown is all about seeing Gospel transformation happen in the lives of our students. We believe that God’s transforming work comes through Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, and our participation in community.

The Midtown Youth team is focused on helping students mature in their faith through understanding and living out of their identity as disciples of Jesus. As Matt. 4:19 explains, a disciple is someone who…

  • Is following Jesus
  • Is being changed by Jesus
  • Is on mission with Jesus

Youth Group, for middle and high school students, meets on Sundays from 4:30-6:30pm at Midtown Granny White. During the first hour of the evening, students get to know each other as they hang out, play games, or worship together. The second half of the evening is spent in discipleship groups (i.e. small groups) split up by grade and gender. In these groups, volunteer leaders facilitate student engagement in a passage from the Bible and discussion with each other about how it plays out in their lives.

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We currently offer Kidtown for children 6 weeks – 5th grade.

Red & Orange Stars (0-30 months):

Our red and orange star children are in the same room, divided into two separate areas. Our red star children are our youngest babies and stay in the red star group until they are sturdy walkers. Our orange star group are toddlers who are sturdy walkers and stay in this group until they are around 2.5 years of age. These classes have a weekly bible song and activity that allows them to hear the name Jesus spoken, even at their young age. Our nursery is always staffed with five volunteers who create a welcoming and safe environment for your children.

Yellow Stars (2.5-3.5 years old):

Our yellow star class is for kids that have graduated out of our nursery room up until around 3.5 years old. Their day will start off with free play, allowing them time to visit with their friends and adjust to being with their teacher. We follow free play with song and bible story time, then play based activities that focus on the daily lesson theme. Their day with us will end with more free play. This class is always staffed with two volunteers who create a welcoming and safe environment for your children.

Green & Blue Stars (3.5 years old-Pre-K):

Our green and blue star are currently meeting together in the same classroom. This class is for kids who are around 3.5 years of age and children stay in this classroom until they begin Kindergarten. They begin their day with a bible story, praise and prayer. They then move on to play based activities that focus on the daily lesson theme. This class is always staffed with two volunteers who create a welcoming and safe environment for your children.

Purple Stars (Kindergarten-5th Grade):

Our purple star is for kids who are in Kindergarten and goes up through 5th grade. They begin their day with a bible story, praise and prayer. They then move on to activities that focus on the daily lesson theme. This class is always staffed with two volunteers who create a welcoming and safe environment for your children.

More About Kidtown

Kidtown Staff

Kidtown Director: April Davies

In addition to our staff, Kidtown is led by an amazing team of assistants, volunteer teachers and many other caring adults.

Interested in Serving in Kidtown?

Kidtown is an excellent way to serve the kids and families of our church. Are you interested in becoming part of the Kidtown team? Contact April Davies.

At Midtown Fellowship, we recognize that as we are transformed by the work of Jesus on our behalf we are compelled to become agents of this work in the lives of the people around us. We understand that loved people love people. The more we experience our own transformation, we cannot help but seek to encourage, support and champion this process in the lives of the people around us. In this way, we seek to go on mission with Jesus for the sake of the world around us. We are compelled to act.

As we act, we are guided by our mission statement “To create a movement of gospel transformation through multiple congregations”. This statement guides our efforts in two specific ways as we seek to live missionally in the world around us.

  1. Gospel Transformation: We believe it is a primary responsibility of the church to “equip the saints for works of ministry” (Ephesians 4). That means we focus much of our energy on training our people to understand who they are, what they have, and how to leverage all of that in order to impact the places where God has specifically called them.
  2. Multiple Congregations: We believe God has called us as congregations to the neighborhoods and communities, where we meet. We desire to step into these areas not only to serve as a place for spiritual growth but for emotional and physical growth as well. Its a tangible place for us to be the physical representation of our God to individuals in these communities.

We invite you to start living missionally.



These are opportunities where we invite all of our people to live missionally – as youth, families and groups.

  • Kidtown – Serving in our children’s ministry not only blesses the children but also the families of Midtown East Nashville. The ministry cares for children ages 6 weeks to 7 years old. April Davies, East Nashville Kidtown Director, would love to help get you connected in serving in Kidtown.
  • Giving – Read more about why we give and how giving is an act of mission.