Youth Staff

Taylor Kelly

Executive Director of Youth

Emily Seibert

Assistant Director of Youth

Maddie Chambers

Youth Ministry Apprentice

Youth Volunteers

Abby Teeters, 6th Grade

McKenzie Robinson, 6th Grade

Austin Krucke, 6th Grade

John David Skipworth, 6th Grade

Robert Carpenter, 6th Grade

Molly Miller, 7th Grade

Anna Lee Upton, 8th Grade

Katy Gjovig, 8th Grade

Garrett Yost, 7th & 8th Grade

Gracie Krucke, 9th Grade

Mackenzie Mosera, 9th Grade

Alex Zuehlke, 10th Grade

Audrey Clarke, 10th Grade

Noah Simmons, 7th & 8th Grade

Dan Russo, 9th & 10th Grade

Phil Zuehlke, 9th & 10th Grade

Summer Hitchcock, 11th Grade

Carl Upton, 12th Grade

Will Stout, 12th Grade

Mary Eveleen Brown